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LectureRecitationFall 2024
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Fall 2024 Instructors: Padinjaremadhom Ramachandran

Introductory organic chemistry. Emphasis is on structure, nomenclature, reactions, and theory as applied to simple organic compounds. This course is designed for students who require a one semester overview in preparation for biochemistry. Not recommended for majors in the College of Science. Both CHM 25700 + 25701 = CTL:IPS 1723 Organic And Biochemistry w/lab.

Course CHM 25700 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

Prerequisites: CHM 11200 or CHM 11600 or CHM 12600 or CHM 13600 or CHM 12400 or (CHE C1020 and CHE C1220) or (CHE C1060 and CHE C1260) or CHM 10901 or CHM 12901

Fall 2024 Schedule:

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