3 Credits

LectureFall 2021HumanitiesScience Technology and Society
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Fall 2021 Instructors: Rayvon Fouche

This course examines how science, technology, engineering, and data analysis reshape sports. Traditionally, sports have been understood as competitions between humans. However, recent technoscientific developments have altered this arrangement and have changed the ways sports are played. We have reached a place where heated competitions not only take place on the fields of play, but also within scientific and engineering laboratories. The fundamental question this project-based course will address is: how will new and emerging scientific knowledge and technological innovations transform sports? We will explore topics ranging from football, baseball, basketball, and soccer, to e-sports, fantasy sports, and sports analytics. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.

Course AMST 32500 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

Fall 2024 Schedule:

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