3 Credits

LectureFall 2021HumanitiesScience Technology and Society
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Fall 2021 Instructors: Shannon Mcmullen

This course focuses on the various ways that invention, innovation, and design shape the modern world. We will investigate the forms, uses, and meanings of a diverse set of objects, networks, and systems that influence the ways we live. We will explore these ideas through the concepts of consumption, waste, and "smart" to gain a deeper understanding of how material infrastructures influence human existence. This project-based course will use readings, discussions, and critical reflections to inform a series of hands-on projects to understand our roles as designers, creators, and users of science, technology, and material culture. Permission of instructor required. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.

Course AMST 31000 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

Fall 2024 Schedule:

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