3 Credits

LectureFall 2024
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Fall 2024 Instructors: Alexandria Johnson

(EAPS 42100) Structure and composition of the atmosphere. Thermodynamics of dry and moist air, including adiabatic and pseudoadiabatic processes, hydrostatic stability, and air mass determination. Typically offered Fall.

Course AGRY 43100 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

Prerequisites: AGR 33500 and (MA 26100 or MA 27100 or MA 26100 or MA 17200 or MA 17400 or MA 26300 or MA 18200) and (PHYS 22100 or PHYS 24100 or PHYS 26100 or PHYS 25100 or PHYS 27200 or PHYS P2020) or (PHYS 27100 and PHYS 27101)

Fall 2024 Schedule:

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