3 Credits

LectureFall 2023
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Fall 2023 Instructors: Sadegh Dabiri, Tyler Kennelly

Fundamentals of the finite element method as it is used in modeling, analysis, and design of thermal/fluid and mechanical systems; one- and two-dimensional elements; boundary value problems, heat transfer and fluid flow problems; structural and solid mechanics problems involving beam, truss, plate and shell elements; computer-aided design and optimization of machine components, structural elements and thermal/fluid system. Typically offered Fall.

Course ABE 45000 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

Prerequisites: (MA 26600 or MA 36600 or MA 30300 or MA 30400 or MA 26200) and (BME 20400 or (NUCL 27300) or AAE 20400)

Fall 2024 Schedule:

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