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LectureFall 2024
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Fall 2024 Instructors: Michael Sangid

This course serves as an overview for materials behavior for students without a materials background, including seniors and entry-level graduate students. Materials are at the foundation for all of engineering, as evident by the latest products that we design, to the airplanes that we fly, to the latest smartphones. In fact, breakthroughs with material research are often accompanied by rapid advancements in technology. Thus, it is paramount for all engineers to have an understanding of the structure and behavior of materials. In this class, we focus on the structure of materials, the microstructure connection to mechanical properties, and, ultimately, failure mechanisms. Materials play an important role in both design and manufacturing, which will be addressed in the context of components and extreme environments. Of specific interest will be defects within materials, defect formation/evolution, and their role in strengthening mechanisms. Material anisotropy, micromechanisms, and elasto-plastic properties at the atomic, single-crystal/constituent, and polycrystal-material levels and their use in explaining the deformation and failure characteristics in metals, polymers, and ceramics; failure mechanisms and toughening in composites; structure and behavior of aerospace materials: metal alloys, ceramic-matrix composites, and fiber-reinforced polymer composites. Particular topics will also include: elastic deformation, dislocation mechanics, plastic deformation and strengthening mechanisms, creep, and failure mechanisms; design criteria; special topics. We will attempt to have minimal overlap with AAE 55400, Fatigue of Structures and Materials. Therefore we will not cover fracture, fatigue, or stress concentrators.

Course AAE 54800 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

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