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LectureLaboratorySpring 2024
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Spring 2024 Instructors: Alexey Shashurin

The laboratory course will include lab prep lectures, practical classes and mini-projects. Lab prep lectures will briefly cover topics of the basic plasma physics and diagnostics relevant to the subsequent practical classes. In addition, details of the corresponding lab procedure, instructions and lab report assignment will be discussed. Practical classes will involve students in practical creation and operation of various plasma sources and plasma diagnostics. Specifically, students will operate DC high voltage breakdown facility, electrostatic accelerator (ion thruster), cross-field accelerator (Hall thruster), Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet facility, and will conduct measurements of plasma parameters using Langmuir probes, microwave interferometer and optical spectrometer.

Course AAE 52100 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

Fall 2024 Schedule:

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