3 Credits

LectureFall 2024
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The role of design in aerospace engineering. Introduction to aerodynamics, performance, propulsion, structures, stability and control, and weights. Layout and general arrangement of aerospace vehicles. Design concept generation and selection. Computational methods for design. Trade studies and graphical optimization. Conceptual design exercise involving aircraft, spacecraft, or both. Technical presentations and communication for aerospace engineering.

Course AAE 25100 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

Prerequisites: (ENGR 13200 or ENGR 14200 or ENGR 16200 or ENGR 13000 or EPCS 12100 or VIP 17912) and (CGT 16300 [may be taken concurrently] or MFET 16300 [may be taken concurrently]) and (CS 15900 [may be taken concurrently] or CS 17700 [may be taken concurrently] or CS 18000 [may be taken concurrently])

Fall 2024 Schedule:

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