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LectureFall 2024
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Fundamental concepts and principles of bodies in motion, with applications to aeronautical and astronautical problems. Subjects covered include rectilinear motion, curvilinear motion, rotation, and plane motion. The static equilibrium and quasistatic equilibrium situations are treated as a part of motion in which the acceleration is zero. Problems involving impact, separation, work, and energy are considered.

Course AAE 20300 from Purdue University - West Lafayette.

Prerequisites: (PHYS 17200 or (PHYS 16200 and PHYS 16300) or ENGR 16200) and (MA 26100 [may be taken concurrently] or MA 26100 [may be taken concurrently] or MA 26300 or MA 17200 or MA 18200 or MA 27101 [may be taken concurrently] or MA 17400)

Fall 2024 Schedule:

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